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Features Too Many Farmers Forget When Looking for a New Silage Wagon

26 July 2016
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A silage wagon is one that hauls and delivers feed and grain in particular; this can be for harvesting, for delivering the material to a silo, or it can be used for filling troughs and feeding areas for livestock. A silage wagon is meant to be a bit different than a standard trailer or dump truck because of the material inside. When you're in the market for a new silage wagon, note a few features to look for so you understand these differences and how they can make your job easier overall. Read More …

How About A Lawn Mower For Western Australia Day?

24 May 2016
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Working adults who live in Perth and other parts of Western Australia get to stay home on the first Monday in the month of June every year. Perhaps Western Australia day would be the perfect occasion to surprise grandpa with a lawn mower. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best lawn mower for this special occasion. Choose The Right Power Source A large number of Western Australians have their grandparents living in the countryside. Read More …

Why You Should Buy a Brand-New Farm Tractor

4 January 2016
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It is no debate: a brand-new tractor will always cost you more than a used one of the same brand, make and model. Therefore, many first timers seeking to buy tractors for their agricultural endeavors might ask the question, "Why should I purchase a brand-new tractor as opposed to opting for a used one?" Well, the advantages of buying brand new instead of settling for a cheaper, used farm tractor are numerous, including the following: Read More …

Choosing The Right Material For Your New Rainwater Collection Tank

23 November 2015
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When shopping for a new rainwater collection tank, it's easy to assume that most tanks are basically the same. However, even something as simple as the materials your new water tank is made from can drastically affect the performance, durability and longevity of a tank -- for better or worse. This article will examine the most common materials used for rainwater tank construction and evaluate their individual strengths and weaknesses. Read More …

Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Fencing Materials and Design for Your Yard

19 November 2015
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As the saying goes, good fences make good neighbors, and they also create a relaxing and peaceful space in your yard that affords privacy and security. A fence can do more than just function as a border for your space; it can provide a nice backdrop for your landscaping features and shrubbery. Note a few quick tips for choosing the right fencing supplies and design for your yard. 1. For dogs Read More …

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