Skinning, Butchering and Smoking: Guide to Ag Supplies for Meat

If you live on a farm with livestock, that can mean butchering meat, and you'll need specific agricultural supplies. Click for more.

Tips for Choosing a Water Storage Tank for Your Property

19 November 2015
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Using a water storage tank on your property means having water ready when there is a drought or when the plumbing is interrupted to your home for any reason. A water tank can be very small and not any larger than a standard rain barrel, or it can be very large and take up your entire backyard space. Before you decide on a water storage tank, note a few important tips for making your selection so you know you invest in the right type for your needs. Read More …

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Skinning, Butchering and Smoking: Guide to Ag Supplies for Meat

My favourite part of living on a farm is the skinning, butchering and smoking of meat. We have worked hard to keep our farm as diverse as possible, and because of that, I don't just deal with one crop all day long. Instead, I get to do a range of tasks. Whether I am smoking meat or feeding chickens, the right equipment helps. In this blog, I am going to focus on agricultural supplies and equipment for meat production but then also look at supplies for other parts of the farm as well. If you have questions, I hope these posts help you. Enjoy!